SIKE – Supersingular Isogeny Key Encapsulation

SIKE is an isogeny-based key encapsulation suite based on pseudo-random walks in supersingular isogeny graphs, thay was submitted to the NIST standardization process on post-quantum cryptography. It contains two algorithms:

each instantiated with three parameter sets: SIKEp503, SIKEp751 and SIKEp964.

2018-06-27: List of errata for the SIKE specification is now available.
2017-11-30: SIKE proposal submitted to NIST PQC process.


NIST submission

The submission package can be downloaded from the NIST web site or from this server.

Note that these two packages are not identical; the NIST package contains corrupted PDF files which were corrupted post-submission. We recommend that you download the package from this server to get the originally submitted, uncorrupted version.

If you just want the uncorrupted PDF file, it is available here.


Research articles

Expository articles



The SIKE submission contains six implementations. These are available from the submission package, or individually below:

All of the above implementations are licensed under the MIT license.

The following implementations are available from third parties:

Known Answer Test

Known Answer Test (KAT) files are available from the submission package, or individually from this server.